Online Roulette: Discover our complete beginner’s guide!

Online Roulette: Discover our complete beginner’s guide!

The online roulette is, without doubt, one of the most popular casino games on the web. However, a novice player may find it difficult to understand the various types of bets and the course of matches. What are the rules of this game? What strategies are best to follow when starting out? Our guide will accompany you to your first online matches!

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Online roulette, a game as popular as it is accessible

Online roulette enjoys singapore online casino indisputable popularity among gambling enthusiasts. While slot machines and poker have an indisputable following, the famous gambling made popular in France in 1796 remains an undisputed element in the table games industry. Since the implementation of the new federal law on gambling singapore betting online for money in 2019, Switzerland has registered more and more fans of online roulette every month. How to explain this phenomenon that does not seem to have obstacles? The first possible answer lies in the simplicity of the game.

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Contrary to popular belief, online roulette is not reserved for a certain type of player. Are you on a tight gaming budget? Are you unfamiliar with gambling in general? Online roulette is the solution for you.

Of course it is necessary to understand some basic rules to fully exploit all the possibilities offered by this timeless board game.

Unlike games in land-based casinos, online gaming features automated programs. In practice, you will not be able to bet after the bets are closed (poussette). Also, credits deposited on the table cannot be withdrawn (or re-placed for another combination). Following the development of a game in detail is therefore essential to ensure that your roulette experience is enjoyable and, above all, fun.

How to bet on online roulette?

Obviously, online roulette uses virtual chips. These are assigned according to the amount in your account. The minimum and maximum value of bets is specific to each online roulette game. We recommend that you choose a version that fits your budget (VIP games are generally reserved for ‘experts’).

Finally, during your games, any winnings will automatically be added to your game credit. A simple visit to the Cashier page on your personal space will allow you to withdraw your winnings in no time and at no cost!

If you have just approached online roulette, the very first thing you need to do is to assimilate its basic rules: it is not only important to understand how a game works, it is also essential to understand what the different combinations on the playing field are.

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