March 15, 2014
Spa City 6-Hour MTB Endurance Race

Race #2 of the AR MTB Marathon Series

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Office of Kelly Ross
Event Schedule

Friday 3/14

5 - 7:00pm Packet pick up and Race Registration At race site
Saturday 3/15 Spa City Six Hour
6:30 - 8:00am Packet pick up & Race Registration at Cedar Glades Park (MAP)
8:30am 6-Hour Race Start
3:00pm Last official lap recorded
4:00pm 6-Hour MTB Race Awards
Sunday 3/16 Trail Run Day
8:30 - 9:45am Packet pick up & Race Registration at Cedar Glades Park [ MAP ]
10:00am Trail Run Race Start

Course Information

There are five events in the 2014 AMMS.  You must complete two events to be ranked.
Up to three events can count towards your series end rankings

Race #1 - The Iron Mt Man - Season opener for Arkansas MTB Marathon Series

Race #2 - The Spa City Extreme 6 Hr Mountain Bike Race
Season opener for Arkansas MTB Marathon Series
Note: Lap Count and Time will be taken at the completion of the 6 hour event.
Cedar Glades Park – Hot Springs, Arkansas

Race #3 - The Ouachita Challenge -
Note: The Race on Sunday is the event associated with the series.
Oden, Arkansas

Race #4 - The Sloberknocker - Perryville AR

Race #5 - Syllamo’s Revenge
Mt View, Arkansas

6 Hour MTB Endurance Event Details

This will be a Mass Start event.
All riders must slow their bikes through the timing zone.
Riders will be required to sign in after completion of each lap.

Team Relay handoff: Teams will need to estimate the completion time of laps in order to have the next rider waiting in the Transition Zone for the Exchange. All team riders must clear their bikes from the timing area bike after exchanging riders.

Basic Team Rules: Good etiquette is expected to be practiced on the course. Riders can ride in any order they wish. Teams can change the order of their riders. Each rider from a team must complete at least one lap. One person must be designated as the Captain of the team.

Rider Etiquette:
* Let other riders know when you are passing.
* Use Common Sense.

Scoring for 6 Hour Race

Solo and team scoring for 6 hour:
Race Start time is 8:30am - Staging for the will be at 8:20am
Your last lap must be recorded between 1:30pm and 3:00 pm. The rider must finish their last lap by 3:00 pm or that lap does not count towards the individuals total number of laps. The placing is by laps first, and time second. Therefore, an Individual with more laps completed in less time, wins. If individuals have the same number of laps then the individual that took less time wins.

Driving Directions to Cedar Glades Race Location

From the intersection of Hwy 7 and Hwy 270 (Hot Springs Bypass).  Proceed north on Hwy 7 through Bath House Historic District.  You'll pass the Arlington hotel on your Right. Continue approx 2 blocks to the next Major Road on the Left (Round Fountain on Left) this will be Whittington Ave, turn left here. Immediately turn Right on to Cedar St.  Continue to the Cedar Glades roads and Turn Right.  Follow Cedar Glades Road to Wild Cat road and turn Right.  Follow Wildcat to the Cedar Glades park entrance road on your left.  Big sign for Hot Spring Remote control Air field sign here.  Pull in to the park and continue on Park road to Parking area.