Play Free Slots For Fun: Are RTP and Hit Frequency the same as real money games?

Playing free slot machines for fun is an ideal solution for discovering exclusive principles and mechanisms. However, many players are wondering what the percentages of RTP rzp88 login and Hit Frequency are associated with games in demo mode. Are these the same percentages offered in real money betsWe will try to answer these questions in the simplest and most comprehensive way possible.

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It is obvious that a free slot machine, using fake money, does not cause the same emotions as a real slot machine. However, it is a solution that allows you to discover new titles with innovative principles and mechanisms; titles such as ‘Kassius Invictus Armis’ or ‘Tiki Fruits’, for example, have impressed fans thanks to their amazing gameplay and graphic approach. Others have had the opportunity to rediscover classic titles such as Cherry Trio.

1. Reminder: What are RTP and Hit Frequency?

RTP (or ‘Return To Player’) is an element of every online casino game. Some enthusiasts often confuse this indicator with the Hit Frequency. Let’s be clear: this term indicates the volatility of a slot machine. In other words, the stronger the Hit Frequency, the higher your chances of winning.

This does not mean that a slot machine with a weak Hit Frequency should be avoided, on the contrary: these are the machines that allow fantastic wins, because fewer winners mean richer wins rzp88 e-wallet! The RTP, on the other hand, indicates the redistribution rate of the total bets. A high Return To Player works to the advantage of the bettor. Each slot has a specific RTP.

Question: what are the percentages of RTP and Hit Frequency on the games played in the demo version? We will try to respond in the best possible way.

2. Playing Free Slots For Fun: Why Are Players Wary of RTP?

Some players think that playing free slots for fun doesn’t offer the same experience as playing for real money. They also claim that RTP and Hit Frequency are superior in demo games to real ones, as this encourages users to switch to ‘real’ versions of the games they are winning on.

Also, following this reasoning, the free slot machine RTP could be anecdotal when no “real bets” are made on a demo version. These arguments are indeed relevant and deserve objective answers.

3. What is really being said about free slot machines?

Playing free slot machines for fun first of all allows you to try out different machines in real playing conditions. Our slots are prepared by one of the best known suppliers in the world, guaranteeing the best titles and exceptional playability. We also make sure that your gaming experience on a demo version is faithful and as realistic as possible.

A voluntary modification of Hit Frequency and RTP of free slot machines can favor the evolution of real addictions, fueled by the high frequency of winnings. We understand that our games offer the chance to win big, but we want to remind you that our games are primarily aimed at having fun, regardless of whether you win or lose.…